Sharon Osbourne has lashed out at a host of celebrities, branding Melanie Griffiths "grotesque" and claiming Sir Mick Jagger makes her "sick". Sharon, 54, who is famed for her vicious tongue, made the indiscreet remarks to former British tabloid editor and current 'America's Got Talent' judge Piers Morgan. Sharon is quoted in Piers' new book, 'Don't You Know Who I Am?: Insider Diaries of Fame, Power and Naked Ambition', as saying: "Mick Jagger is always up some lord or lady's arse on a Persian rug. He makes me sick. Madonna - what a c***. I'd like to punch her."As for actress Griffiths, who has had several plastic surgery procedures, Sharon said: "She's destroyed herself. Now she looks grotesque - it's so sad."Michael Douglas, who has also had cosmetic surgery, was targeted by Sharon. The mother-of-three - who has admitted to spending a fortune on surgery -said: "That's another terrible face job. Poor c***." U2 singer Bono was branded a "tw*t" and Motown legend Diana Ross was dubbed" an awful woman". A spokesperson for Sharon, the wife of rocker Ozzy, has defended her comments, saying: "It was fun gossip, meant tongue-in-cheek. The comments were taken out of context."
Aren't they always Sharon !