Scarlett Johansson thinks she looks like a man.The actress, widely considered to be one of Hollywood's most desirable women, is paranoid she has a boy's face on a woman's body. Scarlett, 22, said in an interview with Parade magazine: "I think I look kind of like a boy. I mean, not my body, obviously."Despite her own concerns, the 'Lost In Translation' star is happy people lust after her. She said: "It's a nice compliment, I guess. It's funny, because for a male actor the idea of being sexy can be very daunting. A lot of young male actors want to be chameleons and play all different kinds of characters."For a woman, I think it's always a compliment to have people think you're attractive."Scarlett is not afraid to go out and enjoy herself, despite the constant interest in her private life. She said: "Of course, I go out with my friends a lot, and we always have a good time."I'm 22, and we dance and have fun. I don't feel paranoid about that. But I just lay low."Sometimes you get caught, and there's nothing you can do about it."


Anonymous said…
shes not ugly.