Richard Gere is selling himself for charity.The 'Pretty Woman' actor is offering fans the chance to have a private lunch with him in an online auction.The unique experience is one of over a hundred lots going under the hammer in aid of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, a human rights organisation founded in 1968 to continue the legacy of the assassinated US senator.The chance to have lunch with Gere at his as yet unopened New York restaurant is currently going for $13,500, but it has by no means attracted the highest bid.That honor goes to former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan who is offering breakfast or tea with himself and his journalist wife Andrea Mitchell at Washington's Four Seasons hotel. The highest bid is currently $45,000. Other amazing lots include a walk on part in 'Desperate Housewives', a lunch date with Robin Williams, a day with skater Tony Hawk, a guided tour of Martha Stewart's New York gardens and a meeting with William Shatner on the set of his hit show 'Boston Legal'.The auction - organised Kennedy's widow Ethel Kennedy - will run on till April 6, and new experiences are added everyday.Film fans may be interested in the chance to have VIP access to either the 2008 Sundance Film Festival or the Tribecca 2007 Film fest, and red carpet followers can bid for exclusive access to the Emmy's with TV network Entertainment Tonight.There are also plenty of lots for sports fanatics, who can bid for VIP tickets to the Indy 500, to be golfer Greg Norman's guest at his Florida golf tournament or play tennis with John McEnroe.