Paris Hilton Could Care Less About Her Pets !
Paris Hilton has bought a dwarf cat.The socialite, who owns a menagerie of pets, was seen clutching the miniature grey feline as she was exiting her car. Although Paris, 26, is delighted with her new pussy, she has been slammed for purchasing the unusual cat because the specialist breed has numerous health problems.The cats are said not to be able to function like normal sized felines, and cannot jump properly because their bow legs are too short.They can also break the bones in their limbs when landing because their legs aren't long enough to absorb the shock. Hollywood gossip writer Janet Charlton wrote on her website: "She's way off base with her mini-cat. She's got a cat that was bred to be a tiny dwarf and like most dwarfs it has short bowed legs."Breeding animals to be dwarfs or midgets is unethical and they usually have numerous health problems because of it. They're cute, but not healthy or able to function like a regular cat. For example these short legged cats can't jump like normal felines and might break bones because their legs aren't long enough to absorb the shock. Plus they have internal problems."But as long as wealthy people like Paris buy these pets, they will be produced by unscrupulous breeders. Paris should think about adopting her cats at a shelter."As well as her new cat, Paris also owns two Chihuahuas, a goat, a ferret and a kinkajou.