Jude Law Wears Medal

Jude Law was left "speechless" after receiving a prestigious French film award.The 34-year-old was honored with the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres medal for his contribution to cinema the other day. Jude said: "I am speechless. My parents have lived in France for 15 years so it really is a country I share as my home."At the London ceremony, French ambassador Gerard Errera described the 'Alfie' star as "simply one of the most talented actors today". Errera, who presented Jude with the green, white and silver medallion, added: "Your immense success has not been handed to you on a plate. It has been the product of hard work. This honor is not given in recognition of what you have done for France. It is given for what you have done as an actor and what you represent in the world of cinema and, in a way, maybe more importantly for what you are as a human being."Jude attended the ceremony with his parents, Peter and Maggie - who divide their time between London and the South of France. Director Anthony Minghella, who worked with Jude on the critically acclaimed 'Cold Mountain', was also present.France presents Order of Arts and Letters award to French nationals and foreigners who have significantly contributed to the country's cultural inheritance. Bruce Willis, David Bowie and Uma Thurman are previous recipients of the award.


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