Why Is She Being Nice ?
Hey, we finally figured it out! We now know why Cameron Diaz is being so nice to us as she leaves The Gym On Nemo each day in West Hollywood. It is the endorphins silly! She gets pumped up and feels great. Now I would not advise trying to take her photo when she enters the gym. We love this town!
No Dress Code For The Rich !
When you have the money and power like Simon Cowell has you can dress as you like. Here he is at The Ivy the other day. No one here in L.A. knows who has dough by looking at what they drive or how they dress. Luxury car sales people learned long ago not to brush off potential customers looking for a Ferrari and dressed like a slob. We are happy that Simon is loaded with dough, but this photo of him solo is not worth too much. Now, if he was clinging to Nicolette Sheridan, that would be another story.
Blast From The Past.......
Magazines are always doing stories about what stars are doing decades after their fame as vanished. Remember Malcolm Jamal-Warner from The Cosby show? We found him yesterday having a power lunch with Regina King. Maybe we can get dinner for two at Greenblatts Deli with the proceeds of this photo. Certainly no Ivy meal with this one.