Gwen Stefani wants another baby once she's finished her next tour.The 'Wind It Up' singer, who completed a 42-date US tour while pregnant with nine-month-old son Kingston, will start trying with husband Gavin Rossdale when she finishes her next run. Gwen said in an interview with Britain's Hello magazine: "I'm going to try and enjoy this year of touring and then hopefully get pregnant again."I'm on repeat. I just want to make music and babies!"The 37-year-old star admits she hated touring while pregnant last time because she felt fat. She said: "The new tour is 42 dates in just 70 days. It's a lot, but I feel it's going to be easier having a baby outside my stomach, rather than inside."I was surprised how much I didn't enjoy pregnancy. Having something growing in your stomach feels so unnatural."Your body's changing and you can't control it. You just feel gross."I was having to get up on stage wearing bathing suits, looking fat. Nobody knew I was pregnant except me. They were constantly having to add extra panels to my costumes!"To be honest I was feeling pretty bad about myself."


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