George Michael-Breakfast For Billionaires

George Michael will earn around one and a half million for performing at a British billionaire's birthday party.The 'Careless Whisper' singer will earn around $25.000 a minute for the hour-long show at Top Shop boss Philip Green's (left) 55th birthday next Tuesday. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Philip wanted someone with real wow-factor. He knows George will keep everyone more than entertained."Green - worth an estimated 7 billion - has also asked Ricky Martin to perform and it has been rumored Michael Jackson will make a guest appearance. Barry Manilow was reportedly asked to sing, but turned the offer down due to his busy schedule.The billionaire has told 100 friends to meet at London's Stansted Airport and prepare for a long-haul flight next week. The celebrations are believed to be taking place in the Maldives. Kate Moss, Simon Cowell and Formula One boss Eddie Jordan are expected to attend and will stay in a $20.000-a-night luxurious Indian Ocean resort. Green, who is one of Britain's richest men, is no stranger to lavish parties. Rod Stewart and Tom Jones performed for 200 guests at his 50th birthday in Cyprus.This isn't the first time Michael has earned a small fortune for a private concert.The singer was paid millions to perform 13 songs at Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin's New Years' Eve party last year.