Ashlee Simpson used to feel like an "ugly duckling" next to big sister Jessica.Ashlee was constantly compared to her beautiful and successful sibling when she embarked on her own singing career and the comparisons allegedly effected Ashlee's self-esteem. It has now been claimed that Ashlee decided to have her nose straightened so she could be as attractive as Jessica. A source told Britain's Bliss magazine: "Ashlee has always been cute but for a long time she felt like the ugly duckling of the family compared to Jessica. Every time she looked in the mirror, she saw a too-prominent nose,and she decided to do something about it."She was thrilled with the results. She basically had the bump on her nose shaved down."Since revealing her new nose and image Ashlee's career has soared, while Jessica is still struggling following the breakdown of her marriage to Nick Lachey.The turn around has reportedly put a strain on their relationship.The source added: "Ashlee could see that her career was taking off, while many would say that Jessica's was on the way down."Sadly, the two sisters have had some disagreements and it's all to do with Ashlee's success. Being on stage in 'Chicago' in London was a huge move for Ashlee and Jessica was very jealous - she even confided to friends that she thought Ashee's new look was trampy."