Woody Harrelson is being sued for $2.5 million by a photographer who claims the actor assaulted him.Photographer Josh Levine filed a law suit for $2.5 million yesterday claiming the 'A Scanner Darkly' star assaulted him as he filmed him leaving Hollywood nightclub Element last June.Video footage shows Levine trying to get Harrelson's attention by telling him he can't help following him because "you're just so sexy" as he pursues the actor and his entourage down the street.The 'Natural Born Killers' star then approaches Levine and puts his handover the video camera.The lawsuit, filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, states that when Harrelson covered the camera, he simultaneously pushed it into Levine's ribs breaking the equipment.The court documents allege that Harrelson then put both of his hands around the plaintiff's neck and threatened him.At the time, Levine filed a police report stating that Harrelson had broken the view finder on his video camera and then, when the photographer began using a digital still-picture camera, Harrelson grabbed his neck, leaving him with minor abrasions that required hospital treatment.The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office chose not to press felony charges, with prosecutors stating the footage of the incident didn't prove that Harrelson had intended to break the camera or cause Levine bodily harm.The Attorney's Office also opted not to file misdemeanour charges.


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Never like that guy. Very nasty.