No One Was Bigger Than Deborah Gibson In The 80's

In the late-80s, there was no one hotter than DEBORAH GIBSON ... who stills holds the record as the youngest person ever to have written, performed, produced, and arranged, a #1 record ... "Foolish Beat." PAULA ABDUL choreographed her second video "Shake Your Love", she's dated LORENZO LAMAS and CRISS ANGEL; knows RYAN SEACREST personally; performed in LEZ MIZ; GYPSY; CABARET; JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNOCOLOR DREAMCOAT; CHICAGO; BEAUTY ANDTHE BEAST; and, GREASE, and last year was showcased on SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES. Gibson returns to New York this week for a show at CULTURE CLUB (179 Varick Street) where she will perform all her hits, including "Only In My Dreams," "Electric Youth," and "Shake Your Love." She was just interviewed for a forthcoming FOX TV prime-time special on everyone's favorite BRITNEY SPEARS, along with SIMON COWELL; SEACREST; and, HUGH HEFNER. While putting the finishing touches on a project for Broadway (SKIRTS); and a play she's written with JIMMY VAN PATTEN, called "The Flunky." Finally, a play called ELECTRIC YOUTH, based on DG's music, is slated to open at The Starlight Theatre in Orlando in May.


Anonymous said…
She is so talented. I love her !
Anonymous said…
shes great!