The crime drama "Order of Redemption" had to film without one of its stars, rapper Busta Rhymes, in New York after additional security was not in the budget. Star Tom Berenger, and Rhymes were all set to start shooting when police raised public safety concerns about the rapper, the New York Times reported. The city normally sends out two police officers free for film shoots, but Julianne Cho, assistant commissioner of the mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting, said the police demanded the production company hire more security because of Rhymes's celebrity status. "Due to the celebrity status of Busta Rhymes, we were unfortunately unable to meet the additional cost for the police detail that would have addressed the public safety concern," John Fitzpatrick, a representative of the production company, said in a statement. Another official said the NYPD would not provide the usual services because Rhymes, born Trevor Smith, had refused to cooperate with a murder investigation.