Rehab Is Not Helping Britney Spears

The British tabloid press reported that this weekend, Britney Spears was running around the luxurious Promises Clinic in Malibu, California, with the number 666 written on her bald head. "She was crying, and shouting, ‘I am the Anti-christ!'", News of the World reported."Later that night she tried to kill herself," a "friend" told NOTW. "She attached a sheet to a light and tied it around her neck. Paramedics were called, but luckily she was unhurt.""The clinic people just didn't know what to do [when she ran around claiming she's the Anti-christ]. Then she started screaming, ‘I'm a fake! I'm a fake!' It must have been really frightening.""When she tried to hang herself it was more a cry for help."Reportedly, Kevin's visit in rehab has a response to her desperate cry for help. Federline visited her in rehab with their two children and apparently pledged to support her until she gets her stuff right. A source close to Britney said to NOTW: "Kevin has been a real tower of strength for her and she has finally decided to give their marriage another shot. She thought things were over between her and Kevin after his wild partying and gambling. She felt he had deserted her and left her to bring up their two children on her own.""But Kevin's like a different man now. He's never been so caring before, and is really worried about Britney. He's been Britney's rock during her difficult time, and she wants to give him another chance."Reportedly, Britney Spears talks to Kevin Federline for "hours" every night and wants to have another baby with him. It is rumored that she seeks a night out of rehab to go on a romantic dinner with him."He cares a lot about her," a source told People magazine, "Britney scared everyone pretty bad. Kevin is worried that's for sure. Kevin just wants her to be OK."The celebrity website reported last Tuesday that the troubled former pop star is suffering from post-partum depression. The website said that doctors believe that the post-childbirth blues are the underlying reason for her substance abuse, though there is also a possibility she could be suffering from bipolar disorder. The doctors reportedly strongly believe post-partum depression is the problem. Jason Alexander, who was married to Spears for 55 hours, said last week Britney abused drugs and nearly overdosed on pure ecstasy three years ago. He said he came forward because he doesn't want to see her dead. It looks like he was right worrying about Britney."It freaked me out when I saw she had shaved off her hair; that was clearly a cry for help," Alexander, 25, said in an interview with the Sunday Mirror of London and reprinted in the New York Daily News. "She needs help."


Anonymous said…
Wow. Shes gone bonkers. Poor Girl.
Anonymous said…
Wow. Really Gone !
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I feel so bad. This did not have to be this way. Poor Little girl.