Britney Spears Has Had Better Times

Britney Spears (left inside rehab) sparked fresh fears about her health after emerging from rehab with bizarre scribbling on her hands yesterday. The 'Toxic' star, who hid her recently-sheared head under a brown wig and hat when she left Malibu's Promises treatment center to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, shocked onlookers by revealing the strange doodles all over the backs of her hands. Flowers and the word 'Push' could be made out among the scribbles. A smiling Britney met with photographers and an eyewitness described the troubled mother-of-two as "relaxed and in good spirits". Reports surfaced earlier this month that Britney, 25, was battling alcohol and drugs after the star's behaviour became increasingly erratic. Last week, Britney quit rehab and was later seen attacking a photographer and a car outside her estranged husband Kevin Federline's home with an umbrella. However, since her return to the centre last Wednesday night, i thas been reported the 'Lucky' singer could be suffering from post-natal depression. A source said: "Britney had two children in very quick succession and saw her marriage fall apart. It looks like she was suffering from some sort of depression and it wasn't helped by the cocktail of alcohol, drugs and prescription pills she was taking."


Anonymous said…
shes going quick.