Hunk Brad Pitt lucky worldwide !

Brad Pitt once romanced a Scottish woman, but was scared off by her gangster boyfriend. Jillian Lamb claims she was working as a barmaid in Glasgow when she caught the eye of Brad fourteen years ago.The pair enjoyed a week-long romance before her gangster boyfriend warned him off. Jillian told Scotland's Daily Record newspaper: "Brad had just shot 'Interview with the Vampire' in Britain with Tom Cruise and had come to Glasgow to check out the architecture."Someone in the bar said he'd been in some cult movies, then I recognised him from 'Thelma and Louise'."Brad spoke to me a few times during the day. And at closing time we decided to head on elsewhere."He was just a lovely guy, who wasn't pushy or full of himself. I felt really flattered because he could have chosen anyone but he went for me."Jillian had a boyfriend at the time - local bad boy Hugh O'Donnell - but says meeting Brad "just happened" and she was "just having a laugh".The pair spent time together in Brad's hotel room - but Jillian insists they did not have sex. She said: "We had a bath together and he massaged my legs and feet. Brad asked in a really gentlemanly way if we could make love but I said no."Although we ended up in bed, I insisted on keeping my knickers on. We just kissed and cuddled."However, the romance met an abrupt end when Hugh found out, and told Brad to keep away - or else. In 2000 - when Brad was in the UK for the premiere of 'Snatch' - he reportedly told a Scottish reporter he had "left a lovely girl behind" in Glasgow. Brad said: "We were making out and getting on well and I didn't know there was a problem until a guy came up and asked if I knew who I was messing with. I got out of there and really felt quite glad to be alive!"


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Hes so sexy. I want him.
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Ill marry him. I love Brad Pitt.
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