Sell Your Bling To Pay Back Hot 95.5 Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown, recently jailed for non-payment of child support in the amount of $19,150.00, was released when a Washington D.C. radio station forked over the money in return for Bobby to spend a week on their show. But today the following statemant was made by Hot 95.5.
"Hot 99.5 and Kane, Morning Show Host weekdays from 5:30am to 10am, have decided to rescind the offer made to Bobby Brown and agreed upon as of Thursday, March 1, 2007.Hot 99.5 and Bobby Brown's Attorney have mutually decided that this wasn't in their best interest and Bobby's attorney has agreed to return the money to Hot 99.5."We thought we clearly communicated to Bobby our intentions, but once we had him on the air this morning it was clear that we were not on the same page," said Kane. "At this point, we feel that there are better things we can do with the money locally and we'll use this weekend to figure out how we'd like to use the money. We'll take suggestions from listeners on Monday."
Hate to tell you guys, you will never get the money back, he sucks at radio and I would have been a better guest as every radio show across the country can tell you.