Allegra Versace, who's been preparing in New York to follow in her late uncles fashion footsteps, is being consumed by anorexia, her mother said Wednesday. Donatella Versace said her 20-year-old daughter "is very ill," the (London) Evening Standard reported. "Anorexia is consuming her and we are very worried," the mother said. "However, the doctors are doing all they can to snatch her away from this cruel disease and we have faith in them." Allegra Versace -- who inherited half of her late uncles $600 million fashion empire when she turned 18 -- had been studying fashion in the Big Apple and is being treated in a specialist clinic. She has appeared gaunt and rail thin in recent photographs. Donatella Versace said her daughter has suffered from the eating disorder for several years. "For some time the situation has become worse and that is why we decided to place her in a designated specialized clinic where she is receiving the best possible treatment," she said. "Please think of us and respect our pain. Many mothers will know well what I am going through and what my daughter is risking."