Sexy Actress Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore and DJ AM (Left) are "definitely" a couple.The actress-and-singer and DJ AM - real name Adam Goldstein - were seen kissing in a Utah coffee shop, before Mandy showcased her new album on last week. A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Mandy was performing songs from her new album, and the last song was 'Gardenia'. Adam was standing in the corner drinking P.i.n.k. vodka and smiling. He was singing along. He clearly had heard the song before, and the album isn't even out yet!" The couple were also seen at the Sundance Film Festival - where Mandy's new film 'Dedication' is showing - eating at Park City's Prime Steakhouse. Mandy, 22, and Adam, 33 - who previously dated Nicole Richie - spent two hours in the restaurant drinking wine and kissing. A source told gossip website TMZ.COM : "They are definitely a couple. They are so happy together - it's the cutest thing you have ever seen."Mandy - who previously dated Zach Braff - recently said she doesn't want a serious relationship.The 'A Walk To Remember' actress said: "I've tried dating a bit, and I don't like it. I know I should be putting myself out there. But I don't really think it's for me. I'm definitely not looking."