Britney Spears new man has seen alot in such a quick time. He's no doubt seen the Britney Spears no panties pictures, heard about her passing out and being called Kevin Federline 2.0. Isaac Cohen (Left) no doubt understood he would be photographed while dating our favorite slut but I bet he never expected to be photographed after being puked on by the toxic singer. Britney's new boytoy may have adopted Federline's dirty look, but I bet being vomited on was the last adverture he expected. And to top if off, the paparazzi got a shot ! X17 online has the photographs of what began as beautiful evening at The Abbey and at Teddy's. The photos show what appears to be a sick Britney after a little stop on Mulholland at 3 a.m. Cohen can be seen with what appears to be puke on his hands. On a better note, the couple was also seen enjoying each other's company at the W Hotel's Whiskey Blue bar, in Los Angeles, last Sunday night.

Britney Spears never puked on K-Fed