Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone has said filming the sixth Rocky movie was more painful than making the first five films combined.The 60-year-old actor - who stars in 'Rocky Balboa' the latest chapter of the boxing legends life - revealed he suffered more injuries than ever before while making the new film. Stallone told US People magazine: "This one was injury-prone. The joints wear down and you get inflammations of things that you didn't even know existed. It became about living with conditions because nothing was going away. Every day was an Advil day. In all five Rocky movies put together I didn't have this many injuries."The 'Rambo' star considers the latest film to be even more gritty than its predecessors as the fight scenes were largely improvised with unanticipated physical consequences. He said: "In the other Rocky's it was all kaboom-kapow-kaboom. There was a lot of contact in this one because I wanted it to be very realistic. We didn't choreograph the fight scene, so we ended up having the ragged edges, those awkward moments that make it real. I broke my foot. I had a bulging disk in my neck. I shredded a calf muscle. It was so bad it had to be put in a cast."