Borat is getting married - to a Jew. Jewish star Sacha Baron Cohen - the creator of the fake Kazakhstan TV reporter famous for his anti-Semitic beliefs - is getting ready to tie the knot with his actress girlfriend Isla Fisher now she has almost completely converted to Judaism. According to Us Weekly magazine, Isla has "studied Hebrew and learned to cook traditional Jewish recipes" in preparation for her conversion and impending marriage.The flame-haired star shot to fame in the hit Australian soap 'Home and Away before achieving success on the big screen in a host of films, including 'I Heart Huckabees' and 'Wedding Crashers'. Meanwhile, it has been revealed Sacha narrowly escaped jail after stealing furniture from a hotel.The comic actor, who was in character as Borat, infuriated staff at New York's Wellington Hotel after causing chaos when he checked in last year. A hotel source said: "Sacha checked in as a travel writer from Kazakhstanand asked for a special rate, $100 a night, which we gave him. Then he tried to get it down to $30."Staff caught a film crew secretly filming Borat unpacking in an elevator as if it were his room. It was unbelievable. Then in the middle of the night,his crew started carrying furniture out of the hotel."Hotel staff quickly decided they had had enough of Borat and called the police, but he quickly ran away when officers arrived.