The other day Blaine stepped inside a giant gyroscope and began dangling over Times Square. Thursday at 2 p.m., he will be shackled spread-eagle to the gyroscope and will have until Friday to free himself. If he completes the daring escape in time, 100 children selected by the Salvation Army will go on a shopping spree for the holidays. So it’s all for a great cause.I last spoke to David Blaine when he spent a week in the now famous water-filled bubble in Lincoln Center earlier this year as one of his endurance stunts. Now I will be stepping into a basket that will lift me up to interview Blaine, since he’s suspended 40 feet in the air in the heart of New York City. Blaine said recently this feat is more difficult than anything he’s ever done since he has not tested it as much and will be learning as he’s doing it. The gyroscope he’s attached to has three spinning steel rings, and will flip Blaine in assorted directions as often as eight times per minute.