Jay Leno

Jay Leno has hit out at the current trend for skinny stars, and claims he hasn't eaten a vegetable since 1969. The outspoken chat show host admits he loves junk food and can't understand why so many actors and pop singers starve themselves just to be thin. He told Parade magazine: "I'm a meat, chicken and potatoes and pasta kind of guy. I eat a lot of junk food like pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs. When I have a soda, I have a soda - not a diet soda. I don't think I've ever had a salad, actually. And I don't think I've had a vegetable since 1969. My mother gave up on trying to make me eat them. I've always liked that everything in moderation line, but we don't seem to do that anymore. Everybody today is either dieting or they eat like gluttons. Leno, who admits he is carrying a few excess pounds, insists he never weighs himself and doesn't feel under pressure to diet because he is happily married. He said: "The last time I stepped on a scale was 1973. I don't let it bother me. So what if I look like I could I lose a few pounds? I've been married for 26 years. I'm not trying to pick up girls!"
I thought you said meat and potatoes Jay?