Daniel Craig refused to dye his blond hair dark brown to play James Bond.The British actor, who makes his debut as the spy in new movie 'Casino Royale', was asked by the director and bosses if would consider changing the color of his locks but was adamant he wouldn't. He is quoted by the Daily Mail website as saying: "I was asked to dye my hair brown to play this role but it was out of the question. "I suggested instead that I could cut my hair really short to create a more brutal appearance. "Craig was heavily criticised by some Bond fans unhappy he was cast in the role. He was lambasted for allegedly not being able to drive a manual car, not being able to play cards, hating guns and for being blond. Despite the initial concerns, 'Casino Royale' has been a critical success and performed exceptionally well at the box office. It grossed million's in the UK in its opening weekend. Bond producer Barbara Broccoli is thrilled with the how the film has been received, saying: "I am very grateful for the support and goodwill of the British public towards Daniel Craig."