Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and the crew got involved in a fight with some of the parents whose kids are going to school where the actress had to film recently. Angelina Jolie has been in India for the last several weeks shooting “A Mighty Heart,” a movie based on the life of the US journalist Daniel Pearl who was murdered. Locations for the shootings were various, including a school in Mumbai where the crew was allowed to work while classes were being held inside.The brawl started when parents came to pick up their children and bumped into bodyguards and oddly dressed members of the staff. Parents accused Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards of pushing the children around. One of the parents, Mohammed Yusuf Patni claimed he was unaware about the shooting until he arrived at the Anjuman-i-Islam school to pick up his sons, aged four and nine."I was very upset that the school allowed shooting while classes were being held inside," he said."There were dressed in Pakistani policeman's uniforms; they were holding guns which scared the children." “They had rifles in their hands while shooting. The children were scared. When we asked them to stop shooting, they hit the men and even pushed the women around,” said another parent. Film producers on the other hand, claimed they “had the full permission and co-operation of the school to film on the premises.” "Children were waiting inside for us and when they opened the gates, those men pushed our ladies and children. They also said 'You bloody Indian'. This is just not done," Patrini who has two children studying at the Muslim school, added. Police was called in to break the fight and Mumbai's deputy commissioner of police, Brijesh Singh, said a formal complaint had been filed against the bodyguards. "We will take appropriate action," he said. The statement released from the film producers said: "Unfortunately, our arrival was impeded by the paparazzi waiting at the gates of the school. When the gates were opened to allow the parents in to collect their children, the paparazzi rushed into the school causing confusion."