Uma Thurman is back with her on-off boyfriend, Andre Balazs. The pair refused to be photographed separately at a gala for the Whitney Museum in New York this week. When a snapper asked for the 'Kill Bill' star to stand alone for a shot she replied: "I'm not solo so I'm not standing solo."Uma, 36, later confirmed she was attending the event because she "was invited by her boyfriend" and confirmed they are "very happy together". The actress started dating the hotelier in 2004 but they broke up earlier this year.However, Uma - who was once married to 'Gattica' star Ethan Hawke - and her 49-year-old lover have been spotted canoodling in a number of cities around the world since then including Copenhagen and New York. Earlier this year, Uma begged Hollywood bosses not to write her off - just because she is getting older.She insists she still has a lot to offer and believes actresses get better with age, pledging: "Theoretically, athletes run more slowly as they get older, but actors get better."They may be less attractive but, professionally, they grow richer and deeper."Uma has previously confessed she wouldn't let her age stop her from dating a younger man.