With what just has happened to the Amish people and what has happened in the past, enough is enough. We need to ban guns once and for all. When is America going to stop taking this bull from the NRA who donates millions to politicians election funds to keep these weapons in the hands of everyone. President Bush won't go against them because they support his party with cash, and lots of it! The NRA continues to say that guns don't kill people that people do. This is crap ! Guns are used in every form of robbery, murder, suicide and lately mass murder of innocent school children. We have installed metal detectors in schools, airports and even apartment buildings to try to keep the weapons out and to keep us safe. The NRA argues that possessing guns is a constitutional right. Well it's time to change the constitution, because this "right to bear arms" no longer applies in the 21st century where drug dealers, murderers all have weapons when we, law abiding citizens, are the victims. The gun companies know most of their weapons are used by criminals and yet they continue to sell murder as their number one commodity.