Rod Stewart has vowed never to quit rocking.The 61-year-old singer insists he will never grow tired of performing because he enjoys it so much. Rod is quoted by Britain's Daily Record newspaper as saying: "I mean I love it - that's why I don't want to retire. You'll have to push me overboard to get me out of the way." The music legend is releasing a new album this week of classic rock 'n' roll songs, including Bob Dylan's 'If Not For You' and 'Crazy Love' by Van Morrison, entitled 'Still The Same. Great Rock Classics Of Our Time'.Rod said: "There are certain songs you have to leave alone and certain songs that can be revisited. I think we've chosen the ones that needed revisiting, but not everybody's going to feel that. "But these are the ones I thought maybe I could add something to vocally, you know, make a little bit more interesting."Rod was once famous for his hard partying lifestyle, but has settled down since having his baby son, 10-month-old son Alastair, with fiancee Penny Lancaster, 35. But the rocker insists he still knows how to have a good time, saying: "I haven't joined the pipe and slipper club yet."