Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has confessed to enjoying sex in public places.The 'Let Me Entertain You' singer - who has dated a string of celebrities including model Rachel Hunter and singer Nicole Appleton - says his excessive use of drink and drugs during his early career awakened his appetite for daring sexual thrills. He told Britain's More magazine: "When I used to take drugs, you lose your inhibitions. I've had sex in trains, planes and wine bars. And quite a few car parks."The heartthrob admits he would love to get up close and personal with Madonna. He said: "Even when I'm going out with a girl, I could be home watching TV and a famous girl will come out and I'll think, 'Oh, I fancy her.' Madonna is one of those women. "Robbie says he doesn't bother with one-night stands anymore - because they are hard work. The 'Angels' singer - who reportedly has a special book of notes about his conquests - says casual relationships no longer appeal to him because he can't be bothered with the aftermath. He said: "I suppose one-night stands are becoming too much of a palaver. If a girl comes to my place, nine out of 10 times you will not want to see her in the morning. So these days I can't really be bothered."The heartthrob says he finds it hard to find romance in Britain because of his popularity and now only dates American women. He said: "I've been out with girls here. In Los Angeles, I can try and meet my special someone without the papers f***ing it up."