Rachel Bilson has an unusual way of attracting men - she ignores them. The actress - who stars in new movie 'The Last Kiss' alongside Zach Braff - says she is the exact opposite of her character Kim when it comes to seducing guys. Rachel said: "She's a typical college girl but then she's attracted to this older guy so there is more going on with her. Most college girls are just trying to date the frat guy but she wants to be a little bit more mature and adult in a way - that's all. She added: "I wouldn't cross the line and I wouldn't pursue it like she would. But you defiantly do your own thing. I would properly ignore him but that would be my way of trying to get the guy."Although Rachel says she is very different from her character, she admits she understands how amazing it is to fall in love. She explained: "I can relate to her. Finding a guy that you are completely infatuated with and kind of just doing everything you can to get it although I wouldn't have done exactly what she did!"