Donny and Marie Osmond unveiled both of their caricatures at Sardi’s last night. Marie’s caricature, a better likeness, came as a surprise to her and everyone else in the audience including her brother Donny. She was shocked because she thought she was there to honor her brother and to present his caricature to him, but as seen in photos she got one of her own. Donny feels he has come full circle because it was Disney that started their careers and he is currently appearing in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as the character, Gaston. Despite the fact that he thought it did not look much like him, he was so pleased and honored to be on the celebrity wall at Sardi’s. Marie Osmond has not accepted work in the past few years because she has been devoting her time to taking care of her sick husband, then her Mom who became ill after which their Dad needed care. All this, and of course her kids.She is no longer the skinny little girl, but Marie still looks great, doesn’t she kiddies ?