John Landis

JibJab has joined forces with legendary Hollywood director John Landis (Blues Brothers, Animal House, Trading Places) to bring the next generation of MUST SEE COMEDY to people around the world - and tuning in just takes the click of a mouse. Through this unique program, called the GREAT SKETCH EXPERIMENT (GSE), JibJab is changing the course of an entire industry helping up and coming entertainers / directors / producers bypass an entire channel and leapfrogging straight to the top to be seen and heard. 102);"How did you guys meet? How long have you been doing comedy together? Ari: We met at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater ages ago. 8 years ago? Mark: We were in an improv team called Beautiful Cop in 98.Yes, 8 long years ago.How did you find out about the JibJab GSE contest? Mark: We were asked to submit by JibJab. Ari: We knew Lydia (from JibJab) back from when she was in development with TV Land in NYC. When she went to JibJab we kept in touch and eventually it led to GSE.
Mark: We wrote three sketches and they chose one. What was it like working with John Landis?Ari: Unbelievable. The guy’s a legend. Mark: It was amazing. He was so giving and really made us feel like peers. We took every direction he gave to heart. Ari: Lots of time was spent listening to “3 Amigos” behind the scene stories. Which I could do all day. What is your favorite John Landis film and why? Ari: Oh that’s really tough. But I’ll say 3 Amigos, given that I watched in seven times in the theater when I was younger. Mark: For me it has to be American Werewolf in London. Scary. Sexy, Bloody. Funny. It had it all. What would you do with the $10,000 if you won? >Mark: First would be to try and trick Ari into believing it was $8,000. Then I think we really start to pump out some more Internet content. Ari: I would have to give it to the kidnappers and get my daughter back unharmed. Are you working on any new projects now? Ari: Yes. Mark and I have a stage show in development for the winter. And we’re always working on more “very short films.”