Mark Foley

The following story came from a source that has known Rep. Mark Foley for many years. It may or may not be true, but this source has always been on the money. According to the source, Mark Foley is hiding out in his home district at the Hanley Center in Palm Beach. The place is more like a luxury resort than a detox center. The place has lush lakes, trails and first class rooms with perfect manicured gardens. Like I said, this is gossip, but I trust this source. The source also was concerned about who was paying for this, and mentioned Foley's huge campaign chest that is not being used since he resigned. You decide for yourself. Just in case you're losing sleep on where is Mark Foley is, well sources tell us that he's soul searching his carnal desires at The Hanley Center in - West Palm Beach - a 10 acre country club setting with much privacy. The facility has 82 residential treatment beds (27 for men). He probably gets no news from the outside world under those lush palm trees. He's in recovery and is sheltered from the labels that have been attached to his name - pervert, pornographic (asking for pictures), pedophile and power perversion. But the most important word Prejudice has been left out of the debate - I hate that prejudices towards gays will be renewed as a result of the Foley scandal.