David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff is furious after lurid details of his divorce leaked out to the media. The information - regarding the former 'Baywatch' actor's split from his estranged wife Pamela Bach - was inadvertently entered into public record after a hearing in Los Angeles on Wednesday. David's lawyer Melvin Goldsman fumed to People magazine: "We're all outraged. This was a horrible mistake on behalf of the court. David would never intentionally release anything that would be hurtful to his children. He's quite disturbed about this."Among the 66 leaked pages are claims that 43-year-old Pamela tested positive for cocaine two months ago and alleges she was intoxicated at their daughter Taylor Ann's 'Sweet 16' party last May.The paperwork also claims the 'Click' actor was unfaithful on a number of occasions and that the 54-year-old abused his actress partner and had problems with drink and drugs. Despite his outrage, Goldsman thinks the slip-up was a mistake, saying: "I don't believe it was intentionally misfiled. It's a mistake that happens, based on the volume of work the court receives."However, Pamela's lawyer, isn't so convinced. She said: "I consider this an intentional attempt to besmirch Bach's character and reputation."She's a good mother and she wants to protect her children. I have no idea how these documents became public."