Liev Schreiber is joining the cast of hit US drama 'C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation'. The actor - best known for playing Cotton Weary in the 'Scream' trilogy - will have a recurring role as a forensics expert who moves to Las Vegas and joins the crime lab. The show's executive producer Naren Shankar told USA Today: "He's one of those rare actors who has the kind of really deep penetrating intellect behind him, regardless of what kind of part he's playing."Liev - who is dating 'King Kong' star Naomi Watts - will first appear in the 12th episode of the new season in January. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the actress has denied reports the couple's eighteen-month-old relationship is on the rocks. Rumors of a rift surfaced earlier this year when Naomi reportedly told friends the 'Manchurian Candidate' actor was "too controlling". An insider revealed to America's New York Daily News newspaper: "He wants her to stop working entirely and have a baby."The couple have been together since last spring - after meeting on the set of 'The Painted Veil' - and, last December, were rumoured to be seeing a fertility specialist.Naomi's spokeswoman has denied the rift saying: "Everything is fine. This is total nonsense."