Kate Winslet will "knife" anyone who calls her a bad mother. The 'Little Children' actress, who has a five-year-old daughter Mia and two-year-old son Joe, has warned people never to question her parenting skills. Kate threatened in Britain's Culture magazine: "People can throw anything they want at me, and be as mean as they like. But don't mess with me as a mother, because I will get out a knife and come after you! "The 31-year-old star says she felt "vulnerable" when she first became a mum and vehemently denies claims she abandoned her daughter Mia when she divorced her first husband Jim Threapleton. Kate fumed: "There was one article that suggested I wasn't even with my child and that she was with her dad. At that stage it was tough because I was facing the future of being a single mother. I was breast-feeding Mia until she was nine months - she was by my side every minute of every day."It's not fair to make stuff up. It's a very vulnerable time when you're a new parent. I was young - I was 25. When you're as young as that and going through a divorce, all you want to do it clutch your child to your bosom and hope you're doing everything right."Kate is now married to film director Sam Mendes.


Anonymous said…
Yes, I'm sure serving time for attempted murder of a person who TELLS you something is a great example for her young ones.

It makes me LOL every time a "star" opens their mouths and spew true total ignorance of reality.

Why doesn't she teach her little ones that words are only words?

Because that would take brains.