Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba says Hollywood is ruining her love life.The actress is dating Cash Warren, a former production crew member on her super hero movie 'Fantastic Four', but admits she struggles to successfully juggle her working commitments with her private life. She told Elle magazine: "Just being an actress period, and being in a relationship - I don't recommend it."The couple's relationship has become further strained now Cash has started producing his own films. Alba has just finished shooting comedy movie 'Good Luck Chuck' and 'The Ten', and is currently shooting comic book sequel 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer'. Meanwhile, Alba has vowed never to strip off naked on screen. The stunning star, who shot to fame playing a sexy stripper in 'Sin City', insists she will never bare all in a movie and doesn't care if her prude attitude harms her Hollywood career.She said: "I don't do nudity. I just don't. Maybe that makes me a bad actress. Maybe I won't get hired in some things. But I have too much anxiety."Despite her no stripping vow, images have appeared on the Internet seemingly showing Alba baring her breasts in little-known independent film 'The Sleeping Dictionary'. However, it has been claimed the bare boobs actually belong to a body double who was hired by the director after Alba refused to expose herself.