What a night it was, I'm telling you. I stopped by the Cutting Room to catch Soprano star Dominic "Uncle Jr." Chianese's show after having a few drinks already at Langans and Dina Lohan's party at Nino's and the drama never stopped. After a few more drinks with Cutting Room owner Steve Walter, I ventured into the back room where Dominic was performing for the likes of Parco PI star, Vinny Parco and a sell out crowd. I started to take pictures then all of a sudden Dominic raises his hand, say's "Stop the show" and points at me and say's "Could you please not take pictures" . The crowd looked like they wanted to kill me as I slithered out of the back room to the safety of my drink at the front bar. A while later after the show, Dominic came up to me and said, " Now we do photos". I was impressed as I put my Budweiser into my suit pocket and started taking pics of him and Parco. I told him how sorry I was for stopping the show and he was so kind and nice and just said, "Now you know" . Yes Dominic, I do !