Helen Mirren

In her new film, The Queen, Helen Mirren portrays Queen Elizabeth II in the days after Princess Diana's death in 1997. The movie takes place as Tony Blair's Labor Party is coming to power, and is as much about the royal family's reaction to Princess Diana's death as it is about the monarchy's place in modern society.But at the DGA Honors after party at NOBU on 57th street she was fantastic. Helen Mirren with handsome husband were enjoying a wild seguay ride outside of the famous restaurant for everyone to see.Upstairs, before the seguay episode, Mirren had been gifted a black velvet evening purse with a Swarovski Crystal handle that the designer, Itsi Atkins told her that the bag was originally a bra. Mirren told Atkins:: “Well, you may think it’s a bra, but I think it’s a hat!” and proceeded to put it on her head. Unfortunately, she deftly removed it quickly before I could snap a pic of the moment. When I disappeared, it was a top her head again, but every time my camera re- appeared the hat was again quickly transformed into a shoulder purse. Amazing ! When the group got downstairs at around midnight, they were having so much fun that no one seemed to mind or even notice my documenting Helen Mirren riding the seguay. She was so good at it too !Mirren’s hubby kept chiding the owner of the seguay, Itrsi Atkins, who was running beside Mirren trying to hold onto the runaway and telling the man “Don’t worry, she can handle it by herself.” And she did.