George Michael

George Michael says cannabis keeps him "sane".The 'Careless Whisper' singer reveals marijuana helps inspire him but admits it can be a "terrible drug". In an interview with ITV, during which he openly smokes a cannabis joint, he said: "This stuff keeps me sane and happy. I couldn't write without it. I'd say it's a great drug - but obviously it's not very healthy."He added: "It's very good for creative people. But it can be a terrible, terrible drug."The 43-year-old pop superstar admits cannabis has dampened his ambition but is the only drug he doesn't regret taking. George said: "You must have achieved most of your ambitions before you try it because it chills you out and you lose your ambition."There's not another drug in life that I'm glad I took but grass. I think my life might be some where else if I'd chosen another avenue. If I drank as much as I smoked, my god, I would be like Keith Richards."The openly gay singer also confesses to being "sexually frustrated for years" as he struggled to conceal his homosexuality. He also talks about his crash with two parked cars, being found slumped at the wheel of his car and being caught 'cruising' for gay sex on Hampstead Heath, in London. George, who lives with his long-term partner Kenny Goss, said: "The public think I'm a man on the brink of a break down because I fell asleep in my car, hit a parked car and I cruise as a gay man. But I feel good, I live in the house of my dreams with the man of my dreams."'George Michael - I'm Your Man' will be shown on October 31st.