Barbra Streisand

It was a who's who at Madison Square Garden Monday night for the Barbra Streisand concert. The most impressive entrance was by Queen Oprah herself. The center aisle opened as the svelte Lady in Red made her way to her front row seat with Fiancee Steadman and girlfriend Gayle King trailing behind. The applause and flashbulbs going off caught everyone's attention. Rosie O'Donnell was already in her second row aisle seat. Her new best friend Republican Georgette Mosbacher, who was dripping in diamonds at her side. Wife Kelli and playwright/actor Charles Busch followed down the row. Bette Midler and hubby Martin were about 10 rows back sitting next to Tony Bennett and his lovely lady. Barbra's son Jason Gould and Barbra's production partner Cis Corman were seated behind Rosie. Reverend Al Sharpton and former Mayor David Dinkins were wandering about. Marvin Hamlisch and Marilyn and Alan Bergman, Robert Deniro, Sarah Jessica Parker, Barbara Walters and Donna Karan with cleavage down to there were also there. Looking down observing all the stars there was one thing that I couldn't stop thinking about. With 1.5 billion dollars to her name, why is it that Oprah Winfrey can't find a pair of shoes that don't hurt her feet. Her shoes were on then off and on again. Gayle was having a gay old time singing along with Barbra and being as animated as she was in the Oprah/Gayle Road Trip across America. Onto the show. Firstly what amused me was Il Divo dedicated a song to their new Biggest Fan Rosie O'Donnell! After she was trashing them on the View. Referring to their ill Fitted Suits. Today on The View, she offers all 4 men new perfectly fitted Armani suits if they head over to Saks today. What took place last night on stage was absolutely shocking to me. I read the reviews for the opening Philly show so I knew what was coming in Act 2. I read the Barbra/George W. Bush parody didn't go over too well. With people ranting from their seats. I figured for sure in NY it would go over better. Boy was I wrong. There isn't anyone I admire more then Streisand and there isn't anyone I dislike and disagree with more then George W but I don't understand why Barbra felt the need to use this parody in her act. She is inviting trouble. As she stands their mocking, insulting and belittling this Bush impersonator, she ssssh's the audience to be polite. Clearly annoyed hearing screams from the audience to "just sing". The parody seems to encourage any Bush loving fan to scream out something. I sat there dumbfounded and totally uncomfortable as did most of the audience. But the highlight or should I say the low point came after the parody was over. Barbra coyly saying "can't you take a joke" to some irritated audience members. Then suddenly, Barbra heard something she didn't like in the audience and suddenly screams "Shut the fuck up" and mumbled "Give him his money back". I looked at my friend next to me with an open mouth and I said..."Did she just say that?" The whole tone for the remainder of the show was very awkward. 2 songs later, Barbra decided to apologize for what she said and that we all should be able to say what we feel. On the train ride home, I wasn't humming "People" or "Don't Rain On My Parade", all I was saying to myself was Shut the f**k up. Amazing what a $1000.00 ticket can get you in New York.


Anonymous said…
Vile and despicable. She should know better.