George Clooney

George Clooney's 'Oceans Thirteen' co-star Ellen Barkin has admitted to having sex with the ugly actor. Speaking at the American Cinematheque tribute to Clooney last weekend, the newly divorced actress declared, "I have f***ed George Clooney". Barkin, 52, said: "I always heard that George has amazing chemistry with all of his co-stars. "Now I see why. I'm probably the only one of many actresses to stand up here and admit yes, I have f***ed George Clooney. I'm very proud of it actually."If you don't have chemistry with George Clooney, you need to check your pulse."Also at the dinner in Los Angeles, which will air on December 13, Julia Roberts told 45-year-old Clooney he was her favourite man besides her husband, cameraman Danny Moder. Roberts said: "Before I met my husband, you were the best man I ever met. You're cute and funny and you do wacky things with shaving cream and Neosporin. "But she quickly added: "I don't mean that in a sexy way."A representative for Barkin has played down her sex claims, saying: "She was just goofing around. It was a roast. She was being funny."