Elijah Wood had a fight with Jared Leto on Wednesday night it has been reported. The Lord of the Rings star exchanged words with the Fight Club actor at the MTV U Woodie Awards resulting in Leto trying to punch him. An eyewitness told Dlisted.com: Jared came over to Elijah's table and puts his arm on Elijah's back and started whispering stuff in his ear -occasionally pulling back to look him in the face. Jared then walked away and Elijah turned to his date for the evening friends and said something. This must have annoyed Jared because he came running back to the table, grabbed Elijah by the neck and started screaming at him. "Jared was overheard calling Elijah a fucking asshole. He then shoved Elijah and stormed off. Security arrived but Elijah assured everyone he was fine. Jared attended the awards with his band 30 Seconds to Mars and was said to be working the tables during the ceremony. Elijah reportedly smoked heavily throughout the event. MTV U is MTV's 24-hour college network channel.