Borat has poked fun at Mel Gibson.The character - created by Jewish British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen - jokingly said he agreed with anti-Semitic comments the 'Lethal Weapon' star made after being arrested for speeding and drunk-driving in Malibu.The fictional TV reporter said: "I would like to meet the fearless anti-Jew warrior, Melvin Gibson. "We agree with his comments that the Jews started all wars. We also have proof that they were responsible for killing off all the dinosaurs. And Hurricane Katrina- they did it. "Borat - who is promoting his new movie, 'Borat: Cultural Learning's of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan' - then went on to pledge his allegiance to US President George W. Bush. He said: "Kazakhstan very much admires your mighty warlord, George Walter Bush. "He is a very wise man and also a strong man - but perhaps not as strong as his father, Barbara."However, Borat broke down in tears as he revealed he has been fighting a life long addiction to fermented horse urine. He said his habit "has hung over him for years like the massive honey-udders of my extremely giant whore-sister".