Beyonce Knowles is a pretty intelligent woman, but suddenly it seems like she can't even count to 12 -- at least not when it comes to sizing her House of Dereon fashion line.The singer got an earful from a Chicago TV reporter who interrupted a puff-piece interview with Beyonce and her mother, Tina, to inquire about why some items from the line seemed poorly sized in a way that was decidedly unfriendly to gals who might be called "bootylicious." While Beyonce didn't say a word in her own defense, Mrs. Knowles quickly showed off her Journalism skills by firing back a question of her own at reporter Dorothy Tucker: "Why would you do that? You're here to interview us about the clothes in a positive light." When Tucker persisted, the interview was cut short, giving viral video traders a tidbit for the archives. So much for living large.
Editors Note: Reminds me of a photo shoot with her at Roxy nightclub in NYC. They called the press down there, and her father spent the night chasing photographers around and telling them no pics. I had to hide behind half naked go-go boys to get the shot, which did not come out so great with butts swinging in my face........