Ashton Kutcher - who plays a lifeguard in new movie 'The Guardian' - has become a lifeguard in real life. The actor - who is married to Demi Moore - says he put his movie training into practice during a recent holiday. Ashton revealed: "I went to Turkey with some English friends of ours. There was one older gentleman, we call him the 'Dickie Doc', and he's like an 80-year-old doctor from here."He was on the trip with us and he'd been drinking pretty much all day. He decided to go for a swim, and he got about ten feet away from the boat and started to go under. "I just pulled him back to the boat, which wasn't too difficult a task."However, Ashton - who stars opposite Kevin Costner in the movie - says he acted on impulse but might think twice if he had use his skills again. He explained: "There is that danger of believing too much, when you're in the moment there isn't a danger of that because somebody said that as an actor you never want to get caught acting and I'm trying my best not to get caught from here on out."