Times Square Otto

Welcome to the world of "Times Square Gossip.Com, bringing you News, Gossip, Photos from the "CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE TIMES SQUARE NYC". This site was created as a sister site to James Edstrom. James Edstrom has been profiled on almost every major TV and Radio Show including 60 Minutes, Fox News, Howard Stern, MSNBC, Good Day NY, Extra, Current Affair, E-Entertainment, Inside Edition, ABC, CBS, Hard Copy, News 12, NY 1, Sirius Radio, Mancow's Morning Madhouse, CNN, CNBC, The Rude Awakening show and many more, James Edstrom is one of the most talked about photographers. His Advertures are written about in The NY Post, The Daily News, Star, Newsday, USA Today, NY Magazine, London Sun, NY Times and Publications across the world.You will see all the latest photos from James Edstrom's adventures in the Celebrity world. We will write about RESTAURANTS, PARTIES, EVENTS, GOSSIP, CLUBS AND A SPECIAL "UP YOURS" PAGE which will be a regular feature about regular people, celebrities, businesses who don't do the right thing. Our friends in the Media will also assist us with many, many stories and hot wild Celebrity Gossip. Please feel free to E-Mail us with your comments or stories or photos or any other ideas you may have.
Photo By: John Martini