Janet Jackson

She's rude, and I can't see why anyone would want to have anything to do with a person that is so messed up. A while back, walking down Broadway, my cop friends told me she was arriving to see a show. I figured, I'm here so let me ask her for a shot. How bad could it be? I was the only photographer, so I figured she would just pose. Well how wrong I was. I asked her politely and her bodyguards pushed me while she ran into the theatre. I was pissed. How rude....I waited for the show to end and I got one shot of this freaky bitch. Her bodyguards tried to prevent. Now Miss. Jackson, wouldn't it have been easier to pose for one second without all the drama? I'm one of the nicest photographers in NYC and there was no need to act this way.Next time my bodyguards will do all the pushing!


monalisamouse said…
Way to go James. What makes her think she's so special?