Liza Minelli And David Gest

Didn't you learn from Peter Allan. My sweet Liza. How could you marry David Gest, the alleged Fag Of Oz. He was a creep from the start. Couldn't you tell? Everyone in NYC told you. The press told you. You were warned baby. Now he has filed court papers saying you have Herpes. How low will he go? I know you want to be loved, but at what cost? You are 60 now, it's time to give up on the love game. It's nice being single. You do what you want when you want too. You don't share your TV, you don't share your ice cream. Life being single is doing what you want to do with no questions asked. He is as ugly as Flavor Flave. They should both go out together on Halloween and scare people. Look at him. He wears more makeup than you. I only wish you had given him herpes, so he had something to remember you by. That's all he should get in the divorce. He's not worth it. He claims in court papers you beat him and had to get 80 injections for the pain. I'm sure that was Botox for his wrinkles baby. Not to worry. I saw you a while back with Ben Vereen holding hands, is there something going on you should tell me?

Editors Note: Every time I have met you, it was class all the way. You are A # 1, top of the heap. So follow the Yellow Brick Road all by yourself sweetheart, it will be more fun and more exciting!