Gene Simmons

Everything about this guy is pure gold. Everything he touches is a hit. A while back, I met Gene at Laga Lu Restaurant on the east side where I joined him and good friend Cindy Guyer for lunch. First thing he said to me, "I like you, you wear leather". Now I don't get excited about meeting almost any celebrity.But here I was sitting down with the wild man himself, the king of rock and roll.Now I know pretty much everything in the celebrity world, hell, I could teach the celebrities a thing or two. But this guy I could learn from. He is amazing. He is the most intelligent business man I think I have ever met. He knows how to work everything, the master of it all. As I sat there listening to him with one idea after another, I was really amazed. Gene taught me things, even though I'm sure he thought I wasn't listening.Now his new hit, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. This show is great. I love it! With his un-married wife playmate of the year Shannon Tweed and son Nick and daughter Sophie they entertain you to no end. It's fun watching Gene live his life. He has it all. My favorite part of the show is when Gene is sitting on the couch with Nick in his Kiss costume with the music playing in the background and Nick dishes his dad Gene. Nick Simmons is going to be a star. He's just like his father. Tune into this show on Mondays 10pm on A&E. Your going to Kiss me!


Jamie said…
Gene definitely has a lot to offer in the sense of learning from him. The guy really puts himself out there, and the best part about it is he KNOWS HOW to put himself out there. It's natural of him, but it's also something he has come to grasp - you can tell.